Saturday, January 17, 2015

School and Christmas Break

I have a few projects to share.

Here are some of my end of semester projects from before the break.


 I had to make two men's shirts for my sewing class.  I made this plaid version and a basic men's white dress shirt version.  I didn't get the buttons or button holes in as the night I finished these my machine's tension went out of order. I did get extra credit for the plaid yoke and shirt cuffs on the bias though, so I was happy with that.

I love the plaid.  It was really kind of fun to sew these!  Even if I can't wear them!  I do wish I would have had the foresight to put the pleat in the center of the plaid, but overall I love the way this turned out!

I kind of love some of the details like the straight square shoulders, and the flat fell seams on the inside.  Who knew making a men's dress shirt could be so much fun!  Just a fun sew!

A (somewhat wrinkled) tailored jacket made of muslin for pattern drafting class.

This blouse is made out of material I found for $2.00 a yard!  That means the zipper I bought for this blouse (not yet installed) was cheaper than the fabric!  I just love a good find like that.  :)

 I made this hunter green wool crepe skirt for Christmas. I love wool crepe!  So wonderful to work with!  I also think the blouse above will go great with the hunter green, and I am really excited as I was looking for colors to wear with this skirt!

While I like the hook and eye closure, I think next I will try another petersham ribbon waistband. 

 This is another green skirt I made a while ago that I used petersham on the waistband for.  It worked like a charm, and I can't wait to try it again sometime.

Have a great week!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I am Selling Some of my Fabric!

Hi all!

I have decided to put some of the fabrics I have extra of up for sale in my Etsy shop.

I have some really pretty aqua and cream 1/2in stripe ponte knit:

This ponte is a polyester blend.  I don't remember what it's blended with as I bought it last spring/summer.  It's a lovely weight ponte though and very soft feeling.  If I were to guess I'd say it's a poly/rayon blend with a touch of Lycra.  It's 60 inches wide.

There is some of this absolutely beautiful and FUN birds eye 100% cotton pique.  It's 52 inches wide. It has a soft hand, and is a nice medium weight cotton.  

This next fabric is just so pretty!  I am not sure of the fabric content.  I tried a burn test.  It caught fire so I know it's a synthetic.  It's either Polyester or Acetate from what I can tell.  

It's a pale pink, kind of slightly peachy or salmony, but still more pink, sequined taffeta.  (? At least I think it's taffeta?)  the sequins give it a little weight so it ends up draping and feeling so luxurious.    It's 58 inches wide, thought the sequins stop about 2 inches or so from the selvage so maybe consider it 54 inches wide or so.   

I plan to use some of it to make myself a fun skirt, and also a throw pillow.  I am even thinking of changing up my room decor and using this as an accent in a throw pillow or something.  

The last item I have is a cut of Wool Tricotine.  While it's a great and beautiful piece of fabric I don't think I will be able to use it any time soon.

It's a dark royal blue, (or maybe navy, it can't decide ;) wool tricotine that has been pre-fused.

I wanted to include the interfacing in the picture to give an idea of what this is.  This would make making a tailored jacket so much quicker and easier.  It's 56 inches wide.  I only have 1 3/4 yard of it, but because it's wide I think it would work for a number of people to make a tailored jacket.  It also had the color distorted in the pictures I took.  It was a hard color to photograph but the blue color you can see on the left edges of the photo are pretty close.  (The middle here looks faded, in person it isn't faded at all.)

Anyways, click here for the link to my etsy shop.  Happy Sewing all!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free Dress Pattern!!!

Hey ya'll!  I just wanted to let you know I have decided to offer a dress pattern for free!

It's this one:

Just be aware that the pattern is only one size.  I have not yet graded this into different sizes.  The size is a Small/Medium I'd say?   

Finished garment measurements are:

Bust: About 35inches
Waist: About 27inches
Hip: Would fit any body shape as it's a circle skirt.   

It has 5/8ths inch seam allowances.  Though if you wanted to make it a little larger you could sew it at 3/8ths and it would give you an extra 1 inch in the width measurements.

*There are a few things you'll want to know about downloading the free pattern.  (You can just print it at home!)

1- I just created a pdf document to share.  I used google drive, or google docs.  I am not very tech savvy, but just know it's just a free no string attached google drive document I've made public for people to use.  Here is the link:

2- There are little plus signs you will line up on the corners of the pages.  The pages are also numbered and labeled by row. 

Your printer should not change the scale or you will have the wrong size when you print this pattern! (Make sure it's set to print at 100% scale, not more or less or it will change the size.)

You then can just tape it together.  Make sure you do so on a flat surface so everything lines up correctly. 

4- It's made for thinner jersey knits.  Though I think it could work in any number of knits, I'd kind of like to see what it looks like in Ponte de Roma for winter! 

5- There are no instructions, so you'll want to know how to assemble a very simple dart-less knit pattern.

6- You'll want to sew this with a stretch stitch or a serger, and hem the neckline, sleeves and skirt with a double needle (or a coverstitch machine, which if you have one lucky you!).  Though since it's such a wide circle skirt you don't need the hem (of the skirt) to be able to stretch, but a straight stitch might make thinner knits all wobbly like.  

7- Make sure as you tape your pages together all the lines line up correctly and smoothly and you'll be good to go!

I have one small favor.  If you print this up and make it and like it, will you leave me a comment?

If you share it on your blog will you leave me a link in the comments?

You don't have to...  I would really appreciate it if you did though!

I'd also love to see pictures of it.

So again, if you do make it, share your thoughts with me!

*Note, I am sharing this for home or personal use only.  Feel free to make it and give it as a gift, but please don't sell use finished dresses made from this pattern.  Thanks!  

Merry Christmas!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Recent Projects

Last weekend I was in need of just sewing something for myself.

I couldn't get this blouse I had seen at Anthropologie out of my head.

I think I fell in love with it's pretty drapey floral print and cute rounded patch pockets at first sight.  

This blouse however was $78 and made of polyester.  I also wasn't crazy about how the dropped shoulder seams looked on the model online when I looked to see what it looked like on a real person.   

So I pulled out this Rayon that had excellent drape, and a fun print and made this blouse.  

It was an easy quick pattern to draft, I did finish the sides and sleeves in french seams.  The back is sewn at a regular 5/8ths inch and finished with hongkong seams.  The hem I ended up finishing the same width as the sleeves are in the photo.  The neckline is faced.  I will probably just use a bias binding for the neckline next time, the facing is pretty unruly when I wear it even after understitching.

I also opted to put only one cute rounded patch pocket.  I had to move it from where it is sitting in this pic.  The fabric snagged really easy so I just carefully unpicked the one, sewed it back on straight and called it good. 

I have been wearing a necklace with it instead of a scarf.  I also wear my jeans tucked into my tall brown riding boots.  Had I been able to find a cute modern floral print I would have used it instead, but I like the polka dots as a good substitute. 

It cured me of a bit of creative fever for the next week or so until I am able to finish assigned school patterning and make all the pretty things I want before starting back in January.  :)

What have you been making?  I'd love to hear!  Leave a comment and a link to a blog if you have one!


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Holiday Spirit

I broke out my Christmas music a little early this year.

I have been loving the cold weather, stove top potpourri, and cozy days inside sewing.

I also loved this youtube video.

Hope it helps get you in the Holiday spirit!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Design Student

I haven't blogged much lately.  My time has been spent on school projects, the bulk of which are assigned patterns made out of muslin to be brought to class, graded and then they aren't really good for much.  You don't want to wear them, they are fitted to a dress form anyways so usually they end up being thrown away. 

I thought it could be fun to share a few pictures of what I have been doing in school and give a little glimpse into what it is like to be a fashion design student.  I think I would have found it fascinating so I thought I would share. 

In Pattern Drafting Procedures we are drafting and sewing like mad!  We use basic slopers and pattern paper to draft with.  I've been through almost 20 yards of this paper and probably about that much muslin this semester as well!

Slopers sewn up are boring and plain.  This is what a "torso" sloper looks like in fabric:

However I have come to love a perfectly fitting sloper!  It makes the job of pattern design so much eaiser!

 I have to laugh about this next picture.  We had to choose two sleeves from the "Wedding Sleeve" portion of our pattern book for this week.  Most sleeves in that section look as if they came straight from the 80's.  (So you know, fairly ugly...)  Haha!  They don't look nice sewn in muslin.  That is just how it goes so it's fun. 

The sleeve on the left in the picture is supposed to button behind the wrist up the arm.  (I don't have to add buttons for class, so it looks a bit shapeless.)
 The sleeve on the right is a "tulip" sleeve.  I do love tulip sleeves, I just usually prefer them put in right side up.  ;)

I was rushing to get it sewn in before class when I finished and needed to leave to get to class.  Right after I took it out of my sewing machine I realized it was sewn in upside down.  There was no time to fix it.  So I just took it to class like that and gave everyone a good laugh. 

It's not the only time this semester I've made a mistake like that...  Whoops!

 This next picture is part of a fitting for my final project for Digital Pattern making.  I wanted to see the size difference between my dress form and the one at school.  I found out my dressform is quite short in the waist compared to the one at school. 

I am fairly happy with the pattern, and even happier I was able to draft it on the computer.  There are a few things I might change or tweak if I feel I have the time.  My teacher looked it over and gave it the okay in class today if I just take 1/4inch from the back neckline out.  So I might leave it for now and change it after the semester is over as well. 


Anyways there is a little glimpse into my life lately.  I am really glad I have had this semester!  At first I was feeling a bit discouraged.  I have changed my mind, I feel like it's been a good one and I am amazed looking back now at how much I have been learning and have grown in fashion design skills!

I am now off to relax and have some fun!  Enjoy the weekend!