Monday, November 9, 2015

Pattern Grading in Illustrator

I am excited to announce I am going to begin to offer pattern grading! If you are a seamstress/pattern designer and need your patterns graded please think about using me! I really found pattern grading fascinating and one of the most useful and great classes I have taken as far as Fashion Design courses at a college level go.

So again if you are making patterns and wanting to turn them into different sizes, consider commenting below and I'll get with you about pricing etc. I can also provide services for turning a pattern into a PDF if needed. Please leave your email in the comments below!  I can provide more information about pricing etc in individual emails. I had the chance to be a pattern grader for a project earlier this year and would love to continue pattern grading. It's also one of those things you need to have the skills to grade correctly, and can sometimes be less fun that the creative process of making a seeing up a design. However I really enjoy the challenge! So let me know if you need help! Have a wonderful day!

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