Saturday, October 22, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Thought today I would share a post about some of the things I have been enjoying lately.

Here is my list!

(Photo credit goes to my sister for this amazing shot.)

Oh how I love FALL!!!

Just like Anne in Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

Things I have been loving about fall:

The leaves

The cool crisp air

The feeling you get on a fall evening.

It seems to be that is the best time for fall to work it's magic.  It's like life, and your soul snuggle right back to where you want them to be.


You guys... I can't even.  If you want to have your house smell like heaven, you might need to get one of these candles.  Just saying.

It's called "Leaves" and I got it from Bath and Body Works.  I bought one a couple of years ago.  It was so delicious smelling, I only burned it every once in a great while.  That was because they only sell them once a year and they sold out completely before I had a chance to get another one last year.

This year I was smart. I went early, and I bought two.  ;)

Pumpkin bread

I recently was looking for a tasty recipe and found this one:

I recommend just dumping a WHOLE bag of chocolate chips in.  Measuring out 1 cup of chocolate chips is only for cowards.   

This herbal tea

Because I am LDS I don't drink regular teas.  However, last fall I discovered I do LOVE herbal tea.  It could be I add inappropriate amounts of sugar.  That is the only way to enjoy herbal tea in my opinion.

This Bengal Spice flavor is so tasty.  It's spicy, warm, and particularly appropriate for fall.  Also when you drink it in your office, it leaves the most pleasant fall scent!  (Just remember, add enough sugar!)

I do also love Celestial Seasonings Blueberry, Harvest Peach, and some of the Sleepytime Herbal Teas.  I do find drinking some of these also help my soul just snuggle right back to where it's supposed to be.  (Again, last reminder and then you are on your own. You need to add sugar!!)

This inspirational wall art

I love this saying.  I also 100% and fully believe that as President Thomas S. Monson said "Of this be sure, you do not find the happy life... You make it."  

This cute decorative box

It's just a cute decorative box I got at Jo'Ann's craft store.  I bought it with the intent to store hand drafted patterns in it.  


I know, you never saw it coming did you?  

I have made a few things I haven't been sharing on the blog.  Here are a couple of more recent unfinished projects.  

This dress will have sleeves and the netting trimmed from the skirt portion.

This red blouse is an amazing color in person.  I just need to bind the neckline.

Both are pretty simple patterns I did draft by hand myself.  I have found, sometimes it works best not to overthink or over design.   

What are your favorite things?  No really!  I want to hear about them!  Comment below!