Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A "Kate Middleton"ish Christmas Dress

I always have loved the idea of "Holiday" dresses.

It's just so fun to have something pretty and new to wear at both Christmas and Easter.  At least those are the two Holidays I remember getting a new "dress" as a girl.

Maybe that was just a tradition at my house growing up but I just love the idea and thrill behind it.  I even kind of like it seems a little bit old fashioned in the very best sense.

It seems like something classy and elegant movie stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn would have done.

This year I was in need of a new dress at Christmas.  Lucky me I ended up with the perfect excuse to make something new and pretty.

I had this perfect deep teal green cotton suiting I bought a while back in my stash.  It has beautiful drape and was perfect for a very "Kate Middleton" style dress.  It's not something I saw her wear, then recreated like my past posts of the black lace, and blue lace dresses.  It's just a style I imagine she might wear.  A classic elegant look, a little something more timeless.

I drafted an A-line skirt to show off the beautiful drape of this fabric!  I also put pockets in the skirt but the fabric draped so well they hung really funny and I found I needed to unpick them and take them out.  So sad, because of course where possible a dress really ought to have pockets.  Wouldn't you agree?  ;)

This was a basic dress with front and back waist darts, half length sleeves and an A-line skirt.  I am not positive all those details are clear in my photos, but you can see the basic shape anyways :).  

I did make it for Christmas, but I also knew the color and style would be fabulous for any time.  I have a feeling I will get lots of use out of this with it's classic look.

Naturally I am already thinking up an Easter dress!  

What do you look for in an Easter dress.  Or any dress really?  I would love to know!

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