Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beating the Summer Heat

I got a new job offer recently.  I can't wear jeans to this job however.  I am secretly kind of excited about that as I love a good excuse to get dressed up a little bit. 

I also have been brainstorming cute casual summer dress/skirt options to beat the summer heat we've had.  The past two weeks I have actually worn a cardigan to work a couple of times.  Yes, a cardigan and I did roll the sleeves up, but I realized this was madness.

It was time to make another something casual, comfortable and cool.  It is July starting tomorrow after all.  It's probably smart to say no more long sleeves until this fall from here on out if I want to save myself from heat stroke. 

So I broke into my fabric stash and pulled out this rayon challis to pattern test a very simple, very unfitted (except the elastic at the waist) casual summer dress I had pop into my mind.  I wanted something I can wear just about anywhere.  I also wanted to be able to wear it, since I was pretty sure version 1 would work.

I think I succeeded, I can wear this to work, church, on Saturdays, running errands, on dates, pulling weeds in my garden, going fishing with my family.

Okay, okay so I wouldn't really wear it to work in the garden or go fishing, but I am really actually very excited about this pattern.

It is UBER comfortable, so light, so airy.  It has pockets, (of course!) and will just be great for wearing to work or otherwise.

I am most excited about a few other ideas I have of improving it.  I have some really cute ideas floating around and plan to make a couple more versions with the style changes.  I will also make another version or two in knit to have just to throw on when I need a fast cool option too.

I didn't have enough fabric left to make the tie any longer than what is shown, and I am on the fence about the tie anyways.  I think it's totally casual and fine without it.

Now I am off to run errands in my new dress!

Happy sewing, crafting, working, napping, blog reading, facebook stalking, whatever it is you plan to do today!

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