Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Having a Life Again!

I have a life again!


I remade my old striped dress I posted about way back when.

I am so excited for this summer.  I have already gotten to work sewing.  See this past semester I didn't sew much except things I HAD to make for classes.

It was  pretty productive semester though as I started an internship which turned into a part time job in fashion this past semester!  It's great!  Part of my internship was teaching myself how to flat sketch on Adobe Illustrator!  It's been awesome!

It was also so so so so crazy!

And now I almost don't know what to do with myself.

Wait a second, yes I do!  Get sewing!

It's also time this summer to devote to my pattern making like I have wanted to do for SOOOOO LONG!

The original dress from the post linked above got too tight in the waist, and the grey stripes turned into a gross beige/purple/grey color.  So it was time to make it into another version.

I used my computer program and just cut out the pattern and made it up without making a muslin first.  It does have a couple of fit issues I plan to fix but I think it will be ready soon!  And the fit on this is close enough I plan to wear it proudly anyways.  

I decided to take in the skirt, add princess seams down the skirt and add cute pockets.  I still love having pockets.  Pockets on a dress give you somewhere to put your hands when you need it!  :)

I made this out of a twill and I don't love it, but I do love the color of the grey and white stripes.  

I am working on grading it as well and have decided not to give myself a time frame.  If I do I end up missing my self imposed "deadline" and end up being frustrated with myself.  

Anyways, it feels good to be getting back to making and sewing things up.  Enjoy your day!

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