Saturday, January 17, 2015

School and Christmas Break

I have a few projects to share.

Here are some of my end of semester projects from before the break.


 I had to make two men's shirts for my sewing class.  I made this plaid version and a basic men's white dress shirt version.  I didn't get the buttons or button holes in as the night I finished these my machine's tension went out of order. I did get extra credit for the plaid yoke and shirt cuffs on the bias though, so I was happy with that.

I love the plaid.  It was really kind of fun to sew these!  Even if I can't wear them!  I do wish I would have had the foresight to put the pleat in the center of the plaid, but overall I love the way this turned out!

I kind of love some of the details like the straight square shoulders, and the flat fell seams on the inside.  Who knew making a men's dress shirt could be so much fun!  Just a fun sew!

A (somewhat wrinkled) tailored jacket made of muslin for pattern drafting class.

This blouse is made out of material I found for $2.00 a yard!  That means the zipper I bought for this blouse (not yet installed) was cheaper than the fabric!  I just love a good find like that.  :)

 I made this hunter green wool crepe skirt for Christmas. I love wool crepe!  So wonderful to work with!  I also think the blouse above will go great with the hunter green, and I am really excited as I was looking for colors to wear with this skirt!

While I like the hook and eye closure, I think next I will try another petersham ribbon waistband. 

 This is another green skirt I made a while ago that I used petersham on the waistband for.  It worked like a charm, and I can't wait to try it again sometime.

Have a great week!


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