Friday, November 14, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Design Student

I haven't blogged much lately.  My time has been spent on school projects, the bulk of which are assigned patterns made out of muslin to be brought to class, graded and then they aren't really good for much.  You don't want to wear them, they are fitted to a dress form anyways so usually they end up being thrown away. 

I thought it could be fun to share a few pictures of what I have been doing in school and give a little glimpse into what it is like to be a fashion design student.  I think I would have found it fascinating so I thought I would share. 

In Pattern Drafting Procedures we are drafting and sewing like mad!  We use basic slopers and pattern paper to draft with.  I've been through almost 20 yards of this paper and probably about that much muslin this semester as well!

Slopers sewn up are boring and plain.  This is what a "torso" sloper looks like in fabric:

However I have come to love a perfectly fitting sloper!  It makes the job of pattern design so much eaiser!

 I have to laugh about this next picture.  We had to choose two sleeves from the "Wedding Sleeve" portion of our pattern book for this week.  Most sleeves in that section look as if they came straight from the 80's.  (So you know, fairly ugly...)  Haha!  They don't look nice sewn in muslin.  That is just how it goes so it's fun. 

The sleeve on the left in the picture is supposed to button behind the wrist up the arm.  (I don't have to add buttons for class, so it looks a bit shapeless.)
 The sleeve on the right is a "tulip" sleeve.  I do love tulip sleeves, I just usually prefer them put in right side up.  ;)

I was rushing to get it sewn in before class when I finished and needed to leave to get to class.  Right after I took it out of my sewing machine I realized it was sewn in upside down.  There was no time to fix it.  So I just took it to class like that and gave everyone a good laugh. 

It's not the only time this semester I've made a mistake like that...  Whoops!

 This next picture is part of a fitting for my final project for Digital Pattern making.  I wanted to see the size difference between my dress form and the one at school.  I found out my dressform is quite short in the waist compared to the one at school. 

I am fairly happy with the pattern, and even happier I was able to draft it on the computer.  There are a few things I might change or tweak if I feel I have the time.  My teacher looked it over and gave it the okay in class today if I just take 1/4inch from the back neckline out.  So I might leave it for now and change it after the semester is over as well. 


Anyways there is a little glimpse into my life lately.  I am really glad I have had this semester!  At first I was feeling a bit discouraged.  I have changed my mind, I feel like it's been a good one and I am amazed looking back now at how much I have been learning and have grown in fashion design skills!

I am now off to relax and have some fun!  Enjoy the weekend!



  1. Such a lovely insight into the goings on of fashion schooling. Thank you :)

    1. Thanks Elenor! And thanks for stopping by!