Monday, July 14, 2014

Sew up Some Skirts!

I just found out that for the month of July Simple Simon and Co. have announced their blog event "Skirting the Issue".

Basically all month long they are hosting "Skirting the Issue" asking everyone who'd like to participate to sew up skirts (or I'd imagine other items could be used as well) that will be donated to girls who are placed in foster care in time for school to start this fall.

While all sizes are needed the most need is for tween to teenage sized skirts. 

Read all about the "Skirting the Issue" by clicking here, here, and here is a measuring chart

I actually have fabric I'd like to offer to anyone who'd like to make some skirts for Skirting the Issue.

Here is the story:

A few months ago I bought some striped knit jersey online.  I thought that it would come in one long continuous piece of fabric.  The pieces actually came in 1 yard pieces.  It is way cute fabric!  It wasn't expensive but it is on trend, comfortable, and a good quality.  The only problem was having it cut into the 1 yard pieces didn't really work for what I needed it for my idea. 

Those 1 yard pieces have since been sitting in a box in my closet. 

When I found out about Skirting the Issue and what they were trying to do, I realized this fabric would make great, cute and trendy tween/teenage skirts!

I've seen skirts made out of stripes everywhere it seems! 

I don't have time at the moment to make 12 skirts myself as I am in school full time, working, and have other sewing commitments for items I've told people I will make.  I plan to make a few, but need help if I want to use this fabric up.

That is where my local friends and family come in.

I'd love to have anyone who'd be interested in taking either one yard or several yards and make some skirts out of it.  I can't afford to be mailing out tons of fabric so I have to arrange with readers I know personally to deliver it or arrange for you to pick it up. 

I'd then be happy to gather them and deliver them myself before August 15th in time for the skirts to be donated for the girls to have for back to school.

If you read my blog and know me personally contact me on facebook, or call/text me if you have my number and I will get the fabric to you!   



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