Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Dress Form!

I was just out and about today and decided to pop into the craft store.  I didn't see anything exciting, so I was leaving when I saw these dress forms in the display at the front of the store!

I was so excited!  I have been wanting a dress form for a while.

The only problem was that they were more for decoration or store displays, so they didn't have a size.  I just unashamedly asked the fabric cutting table to borrow a tape measure to measure them.

Guess what!  They were pretty darn close to my size!  Even better is that not only are they the same width wise (as in maybe an inch off in the waist) but the shoulders are the same, bust and hips are the same, waist to seat are the same.  Even the waist is only an inch (maybe not even that) smaller and higher than mine.

I am excited.  I had a hard time deciding which color I wanted so of course I put it to the ultimate test.  I texted a picture to my mom and sister.  They both said to avoid the chevron.

I had already been thinking that, and my sister made the point that the stark white and black print may show through items I make.  I also figured that even though I think the chevron is really cute, it's a little more trendy than the postcard/burlap print.

So I brought home the burlap.

To put it to the ultimate test I pulled out a top I designed, drafted, started sewing and haven't finished.

It still needs a zipper so where I've pinned it closed on the dress form it's a bit wonky.  I am excited to wear it as soon as I am able to finish it!  

It has three legs, it's pretty lightweight, and I don't think it will last forever.  It's great for right now however and I am happy I can move it easily.

I plan to wear this top with dark wash jeans and aqua colored sandals when I finish it.  I just get excited thinking about the color combination!  

The color combo was inspired by this pin I saw on pinterest.  

I recently found these burp cloths that were all sewn up recently in one of the areas I keep my fabric.  They had a matching blanket with them that was so close to being finished I think it's ridiculous I hadn't finished it before.  It took me just a few minutes to finish the blanket. 

They coordinate with the colors my brother and sister-in-law are planning for their baby girl they are expecting.  That made it easy to know what to do with them.  :)

(For those who may be wondering ;): I have two dresses for two cute sisters I know that I will hopefully finish this coming week and another dress for a friend that is so shamefully late and overdue I am embarrassed.  It's already been cut out for a few weeks, and I started working on it again last night so it should be done soon!)

After those fun projects are done, I hope to get back to designing some more items and will of course be sharing them when they are done!

That's it for today, hope you all enjoy your 4th of July!

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